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Our Services

At Cenik our dedication to customer satisfaction ensures that we prioritise learning the needs of your business in order to provide a thorough, personalised service. This means we are not just a trusted sourcing partner, but an extension to your business. We are committed to assisting customers in searching for 'green' alternatives that are as functional as the conventional source of materials, but have better environmental credentials. A list of our popular services can be seen below.


Comprehensive market knowledge and technical expertise applied to manufacturer identification and authentication of analytical and safety documents.

Supply Chain Management

Experienced in building secure trans-continental supply chains, supply chain risk evaluation, change control and logistics support at every stage.

Technical Support

Our team of experts provide technical and regulatory guidance, matching you with the best chemical solution that overcomes challenges and supports innovation.

Bespoke Services

Matching purchase specifications, custom labelling, custom packaging and specialised delivery requirements to meet your needs.

Logistics & Operations

We partner with the best and most flexible transport partners to ensure that we can deliver a wide range of products to you in a timely and cost-efficient manner.


Experience and expertise in global transportation and inventory management. Our strategically located warehousing in the UK, India and China are dedicated to the safe handling, storage and distribution of chemicals.

If you have a product enquiry or wish to discuss a project with us, please contact us using the contact form.

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Cenik Chemicals are specialists in the supply of hard-to find advanced aromatic, aliphatic, deuterated and halogenated compounds. Our distinct technical expertise in custom synthesis enables our customers to be industry-leaders. Get in touch today and lets us support you with your challenges.

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Our Commitment

We distinguish ourselves from the competition through our quality aspirations and achievements. Cenik strives to maintain the highest industry and regulatory standards. We are committed to consistently delivering a high quality of service to our customers and suppliers.

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