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Supporting innovation through chemicals

Cenik is your partner of choice for specialised chemicals. We don't just provide products, we supply solutions to your technical and regulatory specifications.
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"Customers are at the heart of everything we do. We help customers overcome challenges and support innovation through chemistry. Global sourcing is integral to all the industries we serve. Our technical team is driven to create trustworthy and responsive relationships, ensuring the chemicals and services we provide are seamless and exceed your expectations."

Dr Nikhil Sahotra, Executive Director

Your Industry

We unlock innovation potential by delivering industry-specific technical solutions.

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Our Solutions

We partner with manufacturers equipped with industry-leading technologies.

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Our Services

We combine many years of experience and in-depth technical knowledge to deliver efficiencies.

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Our Commitment

We distinguish ourselves from the competition through our quality aspirations and achievements. Cenik strives to maintain the highest industry and regulatory standards. We are committed to consistently delivering a high quality of service to our customers and suppliers.

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Health & Safety

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Regulatory affairs

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