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"Cenik Chemicals are passionate about supporting innovation through chemistry."

Dr Nikhil Sahotra, Executive Director

Headquartered in South Wales, we are a leading fine chemicals manufacturer and global distributor. We work alongside a global network of highly respected suppliers and customers, providing a source of chemical products. We pride ourselves on being committed to building long-lasting relationships and delivering bespoke technical products for our customers. By collaborating and listening to the challenges our customers face, we help create solutions to advance innovation.

Our commitment to unrivalled technical excellence makes us the trusted partner of choice for chemists, researchers, distributors and manufacturers across a wide range of industries. Serving a diverse range of industries, we occupy a particularly important position within the pharmaceutical and industrials sector. As an ever-growing business, we continue to pursue opportunities in a range of sectors; developing our product portfolio and service in accordance with market trends.

Successful Together

Commercially, our success is based on our ability to buy and sell. As a result, we proactively analyse the chemical marketplace to deliver the finest value to our customers. We establish personal partnerships with both our suppliers and customers by providing them with local know-how and a transparent communication style. Our aim is to eliminate complexities, ensure technical capabilities and guarantee quality from our supply partners to deliver a long-term sustainable service for our customers.

Operationally, our success is based on our expertise to supply you with what you need, when you need it. We offer a professional and reliable global distribution service, providing a complete package that encompasses everything that your business could need.

Our success is based on supporting innovation through chemistry. As an independent company, Cenik is able to provide a personalised, higher level of customer service. We build trust through putting you first, meeting your needs and ensuring we add value to your business.

Cenik Chemicals works for customers who appreciate collaboration, technical know-how and reliability of outstanding service. If you feel you have a supply arrangement that is not meeting your purchasing objectives or you would like to improve your buying options, please get in touch.

Our Values

It is important to us that we maintain our core values throughout our business operations. Cenik Chemicals works to the same standards of professionalism, compliance and safety awareness as the multi-national companies we represent. We go above and beyond to ensure we represent ourselves and the global manufacturers in a professional manner and deliver true value-added service to each customer.


We pride ourselves on having strong principles and treat both our customers and partners with the utmost respect. We take pride in being transparent with how we run our business.


We add value through our technical know-how of chemical products and processes. Cenik removes barriers to business and global trade by leveraging off regulatory awareness.


Customers are at the heart of everything we do. By listening to the challenges that our customers face, we can then collaborate in order to support innovation.

Our Services

Cenik provides a range of professional services. From sourcing to warehousing, including repackaging, our services are tailored to meet your requirements. We facilitate seamless business operations by delivering what you need, when you need it. Explore our range of services available below.


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